Funnel Messenger Review

This new software is designed to convert leads from your website into sales via Facebook Messenger. This is done using the new Behavior Tracking feature, which sends messages to the user if they have a Facebook account. It even sends an automated message that corresponds to their interactions on your site. This is very similar to re targeting with Facebook Ads, but much much cheaper. The main advantage of this is that people are much more trustworthy of their Facebook Messenger. Open rates, as well as Opt In rates from Messenger are much higher compared to Email marketing, which is what makes it so special. Now that Email Marketing is starting to become way too expensive due to low Open rates, Marketing via Facebook Messenger in this way is a better option.


Why is this so effective?

An average site has only a 10% Opt In rate for purchases. This means that 90%of the traffic you work so hard for will visit your site, look around and not make any purchases, or do much of anything. Funnel Messenger allows you to take advantage of the tracking feature in Facebook, find their account and send them a message via Messenger. If you know anything about Facebook Ads, you’l know that this is exactly the same process as re targeting (but without the costly Ad prices of using Facebook). The user then gets sent custom messages through the Messenger system with offers and opt ins. Not only does it do all of these things, it is also very easy to use and set up due to it being cloud based. 100% API approved by Facebook.


Looking at the trends of Email Marketing open rates VS messenger, this new type of marketing will be the next big thing everyone jumps on. The simple reason is that unfamiliar Emails almost always end up in the promotions tab (which might as well be the junk folder – no one checks those). However Facebook Messenger gets a high 90% open rate. Its just like Email in the 1990’s! This is why having this system is so effective, and why its beginner friendly. The set up is quick and easy to understand and once the initial set up is finished, the whole process is automated. Visitors to your site will keep getting follow up messages on Facebook with your affiliate links. The user searched on google, found your site and decided to click to see what you had to offer. This is the perfect lead to turn into a customer.


How easy is it to set up?

When in the Funnel Messenger App, it will ask you to connect to your Facebook account. Next, add your website name and the Facebook page you want to use for the messages. After that just copy the code you get from Funnel Messenger and paste it into your website. That’s it! There’s nothing more for you to do, the app will take care of the rest. This quick and easy setup is a big plus for this type of software. Other apps that might give you a similar result are slow and very difficult to set up and get going.


The integration and compatible software list for this app contains all the popular plugins and landing page builders most commonly used today. Here is a list of some of the compatible platforms:

-Woo Commerce




-Warrior Plus







This software will make your life much easier and is designed to work with almost any platform. While going through the testing phase of this Funnel Messenger Review, I found that it works perfectly for any blog, YouTube Channel, Ecom site or even a Facebook Fan page. If you are selling something online, this will re engage those customers who look but don’t buy. They will get a message on their Facebook which they will most likely open. The more platforms you use, the more chances you have to profit. This is a quick way to monetize any form of traffic.


What Makes This App Special?


Recapturing leads and re targeting is the name of the game when it comes to Internet Marketing. Just having a website with an offer is not enough anymore. Even if you get good traffic to your website, visitors love to click and read, but not buy. Everyone needs more and more info before they can make a purchase. It is said that the average customer needs to see your content on average 7 times before they feel comfortable enough with you to make a purchase. Commonly, they would go to your site, then another one and another to verify that their money is not going to waste. The beauty of using Facebook’s Messenger system is that its a very highly trusted source.

More eyes on your offer means more chances for the customers to buy. They already went to your site and clicked on your offer because they were interested, but didn’t want to make the decision to buy right then and there. If you put yourself in the shoes of the lead, you will see how they get offers and offers and offers. People asking them to buy, buy, buy now! There is no trust there. A nice and friendly reminder in good old Facebook about that product they checked out earlier is a great way to reconnect and make those sales.